Since 2013 qualified psychotherapists bear the appellation “Certified Swiss /Federal Psychotherapist”. In addition to the title, professional affiliations are named. On a national level, these include: ASP, FSP, SBAP. To protect against unqualified treatment  and to ensure the public’s clear orientation, many cantons, including BS and BL, have regulated the psychotherapeutic profession with the requirement of a practice license.

Qualified psychotherapists have:

  • A university degree (lic. Phil., MSc, PhD), usually in psychology or medicine as their basic education,
  • A minimum of four years of specialised training in psychotherapy,
  • Several years of personal therapy experience in their method of specialisation,
  • At least one year of postgraduate placement at a psychiatric hospital,
  • A cantonal license for private practice where required by their canton,

The ASP warrants the above qualifications for all its members.

Qualified psychotherapists are authorised to make diagnoses and indications. They are licensed to treat mental illness, psychological suffering and relationship problems of all kinds.

Psychotherapists take responsibility for their patients and are required to contact a doctor if the patient’s condition requires medical clarification or additional treatment.