A psychologist is a specialist who evaluates and advises healthy people. The psychologist’s training consists of an academic degree in psychology. Since 2013,the title of psychologist has been subject to federally defined constraints.

A psychiatrist is a specialist who treats people with mental illnesses or mental disorders through medical, medicinal and psychiatric means. The psychiatrist’s training consists of a completed medical degree, in additional to specialist training (FMH) in psychiatric institutions. Many psychiatrists also receive training in psychotherapy.

A psychotherapist is a specialist who treats people with mental illnesses and psychological problems in a broad sense. The treatment also includes relationship problems, developmental deficits and general calamities. The psychotherapist’s training consists of a completed university degree in medicine or psychology, at least one year of practical experience in a psychiatric institution, as well as at least four years of psychotherapeutic specialist training in a scientifically recognised method of therapy. All psychotherapists have personal experience in the therapeutic method which they have studied and which they practice. The duration of a psychotherapist’s training is the same as that of a psychiatrist and is subject to the same continued educational requirements (a minimum of 80 certified hours per year).