Professional Confidentiality

Psychotherapists are sworn to confidentiality that includes everything that is entrusted to them in their professional capacity. This also applies to close relatives, spouses, parents, colleagues or the patient’s superiors at their work environment.

Professional Conduct

ASP certified psychotherapists have signed a binding declaration to comply with the ASP’s rules of ethical professional conduct.

The ASP Rules of Professional Conduct demand from the members among others:

  • To work carefully and in accordance with their training.
  • Not to abuse in any way the relationships arising from their work. This includes any personal benefits, such as emotional, sexual, or financial benefits, which psychotherapists could draw from the bond of trust with their patients (within or beyond the therapy setting).

The point of contact for complaints is the secretariat of the ASP, Riedtlistrasse 8, 8006 Zurich, which will forward complaint letters unopened to the Ombudsperson’s office or the Ethics Committee.

Continued Education

Psychotherapists of the ASP are committed to continuously advance their education and training as well as supervision and intervision of their work (at least 400 certified hours in 5 years).

Remuneration Agreements

  • Remuneration is usually discussed in the first consultation. The initial consultation is chargeable.
  • Consultation is billed monthly. Patients are required to settle the full invoice amount, regardless of their health insurance contributions and payment dates, within 30 days.
  • Patients will receive a receipt in case of cash payments.
  • If unable to attend a scheduled session, the session must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. The costs of shorter-term cancellations or missed sessions is billed in full and are not reimbursed by health insurance.

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