Systemic sexual therapy can be conducted as individual or as couple’s therapy. In cases of sexual issues within a partnership, it is recommended that both partners participate in the therapy.


  • I view sexuality as one’s individual expression, but also as an expression of the state of a couple’s relationship.
  • Therefore, sexuality must not follow any precepts; it can be lived and experienced differently and also freely.


  • ‪The therapy begins with an initial consultation, a non-binding, paid, double session (90 minutes), in which we outline an overview and formulate a first set of therapy objectives.
  • This is followed by sessions with a three to four week interval.
  • Both partners are to be present at the sessions at all times, if it’s intended as couple’s therapy. If one partner is absent, the session will not be conducted but will, however, be billed.
  • The duration is discussed; the couple can end the therapy together or individually. If one partner wishes to end the therapy it is to be announced at a common session.