Therapeutic consultations with couples who wish to work on their relationship, solve a specific problem or address their separation with the aid of therapeutic support.


  • Couple therapy is based on the systemic approach, therefore supports the view that problems form challenges in the couple’s relationship and are processed with the presence of both partners.
  • Couple therapy begins with an overview of the issues and an evaluation of the state of the couple’s relationship.
  • I work with a confrontational but, at the same time, solution-oriented approach. Confrontational indicates my involvement, with the purpose of not letting the couple deceive themselves and enabling them to escape their entrenched roles. Solution-oriented indicates that I assist the couple in finding a “third” path, which neither reduces the partners to their similarities nor blames their differences on each other’s faults.
  • A fundamentally open approach allows the partners to gradually discover, in the course of the therapy, their desires and goals and attain these in an adequate and creative way.


  • ‪The therapy begins with an initial consultation, a non-binding, paid double session (90 minutes), in which we outline an overview and formulate a first set of therapy objectives.
  • This is followed by sessions at a three to four week interval.
  • Both partners are to be present at the sessions at all times. If one partner is absent, the session will not be conducted but it will, however, be billed.
  • The duration is discussed; the couple can end the therapy together or individually. If one partner wishes to end the therapy it is to be announced in a common session.