• Born in Zurich, raised in Basel
  • Studied Human Sciences in Basel (lic. phil. I) and Zurich (Dr. phil. I)
  • Family: three adult sons and one adult daughter


  • 6 years counselling work with students in Zurich
  • 5 years community work in Toggenburg
  • 15 years of daily therapeutic pedagogy and support for a disabled child
  • Decades-long lecturing and training activities; in recent years, primarily in supervision at various institutions.


  • 1995 – 96: two year postgraduate study in Psychotherapeutic Sciences at CHARTA; certificate in 1996
  • 1994 – 2000: Psychotherapeutic special education at Schweiz. Gesellschaft für Daseinsanalyse SGDA (today GAD) in Zurich; Degree in 2000; specialist title: “Psychotherapist ASP”, today: “federally certified psychotherapist”
  • 1998 – 99: Postgraduate placement year at the psychiatric hospital Sonnenhalde in Riehen
  • 1999 – Present: Private, full-time practice
  • 1999: Psychotherapy practice license in canton Bern
  • 2000: Practice license in canton Basel-Land
  • 2013: Licensed in Basel-Stadt and relocation of practice to Basel



  • 1998 – Present: Supervision and team training at therapeutic and curative educational institutions (residential and employment homes)
  • 2000: Development of TREP, a resource-oriented tool for social workers
  • 1998 – 2008: Development, implementation and updating of the technical guidelines for a residential facility for mentally ill long-term patients (with inclusion of QM and ICF)
  • 2016 – Present: Supervision of psychologists for internship programs at institutions

Association work:

  • 2000 – 2002: Board of VPB
  • 2000 – 2009: Professional Ethics Committee of the ASP, case leading consultant in professional proceedings
  • 2012: Consultant at VIBEL; methods of evaluation of individual needs and performance assessment of disabilities, BS, BL, Bern
  • Additional training and advanced education (a selection):
  • 2003: Training in trauma therapy (L. Reddemann, Bielefeld)
  • 2008 – Present: Training in systemic sexual and couples’ therapy (U. Clement, Heidelberg)
  • 2012/2013: Training in Schema Therapy (various Lecturers, upk Basel)
  • 2014-2015: Training in non-violent communication according to Rosenberg (M. Ranzoni Perspektiva Basel)
  • 2015: Training in couple’s and sexual therapy (David Schnarch, USA)
  • 2016: Basic course in mentalisation-based therapy (Dr. S. Euler, upk Basel)
  • Continuous education and advanced training as well as personal supervision and intervision in accordance with the guidelines and regulations of the Association of Swiss Psychotherapists (minimum of 400 h in 5 years).
  • 2020 Advanced training “Psychosomatic pain therapy – neurobiologically based psychotherapy for stress-related pain disorders” by Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich T. Egle, Klinik Kirchberg / ZH
  • 2020-2021 “Radical Honesty” by Brad Blanton – a concept based on mindfulness, Gestalt therapy and non-violent communication for better perception and processing of one’s own feelings and for more genuine closeness in relationships


  • ASP (Association of Swiss Psychotherapists)
  • VPB (Association of Psychotherapists Basel-Stadt and Land)
  • GAD (Society of Hermeneutic Anthropology and Daseinanalysis)